Everyone is busy, timelines too tight

It’s busy! First, please have patience. And secondly, please set realistic timelines for closings so that all of the professionals can do their job.  For the first time, we’ve had multiple calls from those outside our board – from 2 attorneys, a lender and an appraiser this week, all very concerned about Purchase and Sale agreements with extremely difficult, if not impossible, time-frames for inspection, appraisal and closing.  Our original transaction timeline suggestion is still valid!!  Not only is our market is booming in real estate sales, but refis are also on the rise as interest rates drop.  Trying to schedule home professionals is a challenge – especially appraisers! Some home inspectors recommending a 20-21 day period for inspection. Realtors are submitting offers with fast closings as an incentive to sellers to accept their offer, but it is many times knowing the closing timeline is impossible given the lending options chosen.  Please be realistic about closing time-frames, and also understand closing disclosure law when suggesting to you clients that they can “close early”, when it is rarely a simple matter.  In two reports to the Board Office this week, a Realtor asked on Wednesday to move up a closing to just days away – clearly not understanding the closing disclosure legal notice requirement. Lawyers and lenders can’t just turn on a dime in this market, and are constrained by legal requirements for the process. If there is an urgent need for a super fast closing or a change in the timeline, it should be approached with caution and you must make inquiries to all parties who have to execute all of the “behind the scenes” title, appraisal, and mortgage work that needs to be completed and shared before closing.  Inspectors are asking for a 20 day window, appraisers 14-30 days,, check out the transaction timeline suggestion!!