Senate Passed Energy Bill With Home Scoring Requirement

We’re sorry to report that Energy Scoring Bill has passed the Senate, despite our best efforts to stop this over-reaching legislation.  There was a proposed Amendment 17 by MAR that deleted the requirements for home energy audits and mandatory energy scoring for residential properties prior to placing the property on the market. That amendment failed without debate, and without discussion. But all is not lost.

Currently a different energy bill passed the House (that DOES NOT contain the home seller’s requirement of scoring) so there are two versions that now must be reconcilled before the end of the session on July 31st and they go to the Governor’s desk to be created into law.  Both bills will now be sent to a conference committee where the House and Senate will attempt to create one bill both legislative branches can agree upon.

MAR has already been in discussions with the Committee and are more optimistic about this route.  We will begin in earnest making sure the conference committee knows how poorly thought-out and potentially unconstitutional this provision is.  We were very disappointed that a voice of reason couldn’t be heard.  Please stay tuned while we develop our next phase. Thank you to the MAR Government Affairs staff led by Mike McDonaugh for their efforts and to all that responded to the call to action.