Edit Client Saved Searches and Auto Emails for Coming Soon Listings

Do you have a client who would like to see Coming Soon listings in the auto-emails they’re receiving?  With some quick steps, you can edit their saved search and viola, there they’ll be!

To start, go to MENU and select Contact Management

Select the Contact you are working with and click on their name:

Once their contact record opens, select the Searches and Subscriptions tab:

On the left hand side of the screen, highlight the search you’d like to edit, and click the EDIT button:

A message box will open up, select EDIT search:

This will open up the Quick Search window.  Select the status criteria box and click:

To add Coming Soon to your criteria, hold you SHIFT key (COMMAND on a MAC) and select Coming Soon:

NOTE:  Once you’ve gotten to the Quick Seacrh criteria page, you can make any changes you want to the search, like price range, cities, etc.

When all changes have been made, click SAVE in the top right hand corner of the screen:

When the next window opens, click SAVE again and you’ve completed the edit to your Saved Search.

BUT WAIT!  There could be more… Is your client receiving too much in their email?  The default for saved searches in the Contact Management includes Price Changes, etc.  You can narrow that down with another quick edit:

Click Additional Search Options:

Here, you can check, or uncheck, some options:

Make sure you click SAVE when you’re done!