Do Not Allow Children to Play in the Dishwasher

And, other gentle reminders…

The busy Spring selling season is upon us, and it’s inspired several phone calls to the office asking that we put out reminders about some basic ‘etiquette’ that has fallen by the wayside but is rearing its ugly head now that buyers have awoken from their winter slumber.  Here’s what we’ve been hearing:

  • Remember, as a fiduciary, you’re responsible for ‘your side of the transaction’ only!  Please, seller’s agents – don’t contact the buyer’s attorney.  Buyer’s agent’s, don’t contact the seller’s attorney.  And such…
  • Have your buyers pre-qualified.  And, please don’t bring your $300,000 pre-qaulified buyer to view a $400,000 home – no matter how much they think they’ll love it!
  • Return phone calls, text messages, emails as promptly as possible.  Do we want you to text while driving?  No!  But, be diligent.  It’s in the best interest of your customers and clients.  And, isn’t that what it’s all about?
  • If you’ve made an appointment to show a property and something changes – DON’T wait until the last minute to contact the other party.  It’s just the polite thing to do to give as much advanced notice as possible.
  • Oh yeah, and please try to schedule those showing appointments as far in advance as you can.  It’s not always possible, but nice if you can try.
  • Spring season = mud season.  Wear nice socks, and please remove those dirty shoes!
  • When you’re showing a home…be polite, answer questions, make some small talk but try to avoid engaging too much with the buyer.  That’s why their agent is there!
  • Share knowledge and expertise.  We were all new to the business once, and someone along the way was sure to lend a helping hand to answer a question, provide a resource.  Be that guy.
  • On the flip-side…if you’re new to the business – take the time to do some research, reach out to your brokerage, broker, fellow office mates for some guidance and contact the Board Office staff with questions.  You just look amazing when you do the prep work.
  • When entering an occupied property knock and announce yourself loudly…let’s not catch those owners unaware!
  • Photos…oh, photos.  Avoid the dirty cat litter box, people in your pics, dishes in the sink, the open toilet seat.  Please avoid the opportunity to show case your seller’s home as a personal family shoot and keep the safety of your children and theirs as a top priority.  You get the idea…

To wrap it all up… be professional, protect your reputation, promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise.