December ’14 & January ’15 Member Report

Can you believe it?! One month has gone by in 2015 already! There have been many changes in our local real estate offices since the end of November. Let’s take a look at a busy last two months in terms of Members on the Move!

As of 1/30/2015, eleven REALTORS have retired. If you missed our post about our 2015 retirees, click here. Good luck to all of our Retirees; we will miss doing business with you, but we hope you have a relaxing and exciting retirement!

Since December 1st, four members have changed offices, there have been four changes of Designated REALTOR, and nine new members have joined the board (seven of which have already graduated to full REALTOR status after last week’s (2/5) Orientation). Best of luck in 2015 to all of our REALTOR members!


For the full report, as well as past reports, visit:

Download/print the full report here: December 2014/January 2015 Membership Report PDF