Commission Fields Standardized

Gone are the days when you could type anything in the cooperative compensation fields in the FlexMLS system.  We have transitioned all of the old data into a new way of reporting commission… numbers only!  As our MLS Rules indicate, all listings in the MLS have to offer a dollar amount or percentage of the selling price in cooperative commission to the procuring cause of sale.  [number field] followed by drop down indicating if that number represents a [ % or $ ]

As always, you can offer compensation for BAC (Buyer Agents), SAC (Sub Agents, only with the seller’s written permission) or NAC (Non-Agents / Facilitators)… as long as one form of $ or % is listed for at least one type of cooperating selling member. All listings that had TBD (6,432 listings!) were blanked out.  We’ve followed up with all of the agents who had non-standard data in their fields that couldn’t be mapped to the new format and we’ve also followed up with all listings that had NO commission listed at all.  Again, if you spot something funky, drop us a note or give us a call 413-442-8049!