Coming 4/25/16: Flexmls IDX: Smart Frames Support Secure Websites using HTTPS

Flexmls recently released an announcement regarding an upcoming change to the Flexmls IDX manager:
On April 25, the Flexmls IDX manager will generate secure links by default and IDX Smart Frames will support secure websites using HTTPS.

When you create and edit links in the Flexmls IDX manager, the links generated on the Link Editor tab and the Get Link option on the My Links tab create secure links for the Direct Link. In addition, the Smart Frames options will use a protocol relative url, which means if you use a secure HTTPS website, it will generate secure links, and if you don’t use a secure website, it will generate normal HTTP links.

Get Link

If you choose to use secure Flexmls IDX links, non-secure virtual tours and videos will open in a new window instead of within the Smart Frame like they do in the non-secure Smart Frames. This is to ensure that only secure content is shown in the secure Smart Frame.

Please Note: Existing non-secure Smart Frame links will not be changed automatically. If you have an existing website that uses the Flexmls IDX Smart Frame links and wish to transition to the secure links, you will need to change your website to use the secure links.


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