Check For Visible House Numbers!

Just a reminder when the fire department comes rolling up to inspect your smoke detectors, they will also be looking for house numbers.  There have been several notices sent by different town fire chiefs reminding all that Mass law requires clear, visible house numbers.  If there is a long driveway, a number on both the house and at the street (typically on the mailbox) is required.

• Numbers need to be at least 4-inches in height and facing the street.
• Put the numbers under lighting, and use numbers with a contrasting background, so they will be visible at night.
• Be sure to use the E-911 address for the property.
• If the driveway is long, post the house number on both sides of a mailbox or sign pole at the end of the driveway near the road.
• Be sure to keep numbers visible by trimming trees and bushes.