Careful Data Entry for Accurate Listing History

Listing history in the MLS is driven by property address (any questions about addresses you can solve with  It’s extremely important, when entering a listing, that the address is entered accurately.  This includes, spelling the street name correctly, using the appropriate street extension (i.e.; road, street, lane) and using the street direction field.

To enter a property address such as West Main Street, the data entry should be as follows:

DirectionalField StreetNameStreetExt

Intentionally entering the property address incorrectly is known as ‘masking’.  While we understand that most do not enter the property address incorrectly on purpose, we do ask that you notify us if you see an error in the listing history.  Most times, we can simply correct the data entry and the listing history will then match up.  As a policy, the staff will notify the listing agent and their broker of the error and remind about MLS policy.  Continued masking of listing histories is addressed through fines and reporting to the MLS Board of Directors for administrative disciplinary review.

Hint:  Don’t just scoot on past the geocoding information as you click next after adding the property address.  If the system recognizes that the property address isn’t matching the geocoding address you’ll receive a message.  Please review the information in that message and make the appropriate selection.  If you’re entering a property in Berkshire County and do not have tax information auto-populated from the tax records, double check your data entry, your address may not be correct!

Please note the following from the MLS Policy:

  • Geocoding: When an office enters their property listing data in the MLS database electronically, they must accept the geocoding/ address verification offered unless they know the address verification to be false or if the address cannot be automatically verified. Geocoding ensures that all up-to-date sales records, maps, and tax information be attached to a listing. An office is required to enter listing addresses correctly and attach the geocoding. If a property address cannot be verified for the reasons stated above, the office is required to manually locate the listing on a map or edit the address in an attempt to attach its records. The office should also make notice to the MLS Office of their inability to geocode the listing
  • Adjusting Days on Market or masking the listing history through manipulation of the list date, address or by any other means will be considered a violation of the policy and will be administratively handled as outlined in Policy Enforcement Procedures. LISTINGS MUST BE OFF THE MARKET FOR NO LESS THAN 30 DAYS IN ORDER TO RESTART THE DAYS ON MARKET CALCULATIONS, UNLESS RELISTED BY ANOTHER BROKERAGE.

A complete copy of the MLS Policy can be found here.

As always, you can contact any member of staff with questions or for assistance.