Buyers’ Agents To Submit Critical Documents

We’ve been asked to remind all buyer’s agents how important it is to provide a completed Contact Worksheet for Lenders and Attorneys along with the Purchase and Sale Agreement.  This form was created to assist in the timely processing of a closing. Lack of this form can lead to delays and frustration.  You can  access a blank P&S Contact Worksheet here, or go to Flexmls under the Forms menu tab.  We’ve fielded questions about the brokerage license number for this form as well… if there is a brokerage license number (LLC, INC), use that.  If there is only an individual broker’s license number, use that. The FlexMLS database should be up-to-date with all current details, and we even have a printable roster with licensee information. At any time, day or night, go into FlexMLS and go to SEARCH | MEMBER OFFICE and viola!  Or check the roster.  You are also reminded that Buyers’ Agents must provide any ADDENDUMs to the Purchase and Sale agreement, as soon as executed, as a critical part of ensuring the closing proceeds without delay.