Berkshire Staff: Raising the Bar

This week, both Sue O’Brien and I were able to take the Administrator’s Training Course and pass the test to obtain our re-certification in Professional Standards Administration.  The Code of Ethics and Arbitration process is so important.  It raises all members to a higher level of business standards, and we honor your commitment with our own promise to high ideals.

In addition to all of the services we currently provide for both our members and the public, we are also examining and adding a host of new services… this includes the mediation of ethics complaints in addition to arbitration, expedited hearings, fast track timelines so the process moves quicker, citation options, ombudsman services and a newly emerging Code of Excellence.  NAR is throwing a lot of new options and changes our way and we are keeping on top of them and working with the Professional Standards Committee, Grievance Committee and Board of Directors to best position the Berkshire Board!

Information on our current options are online for access 24/7.  You are, of course, encouraged to call or write Sue or Sandy for any assistance we can provide in this realm.