Tech Help: Adding and Changing your Primary Photo in flexmls

Recently, a member couldn’t figure out how to change their primary photo which appears on the generic business card used throughout the flexmls system. The procedure is not obvious, but it is simple, so I will share that with you now!

To add or change your primary photo, go to the Preferences tab, in the drop-down list, chose My Profile, then, select Personal Photo and Logo Maintenance.  Once here you have the ability to select “new” to add a new photo or if you select a previously uploaded photo, you may select “edit” to make changes. The selected photo in the list will show a preview of the photo to the right-hand side of the page. I have named the photos “Primary Photo” and “Photo 2 – Not Primary” so you can identify between the two, but the names do not determine which photo will be primary.

Logo and Photos  flexmls











To set a photo as primary you must do two things. First, in the edit screen of the picture you wish to set as primary, select “Type:” “Photo (of yourself or office, not of a listing)” as you can see in picture A below. Second, you must go in and edit all other photos in your list and set all other photos to the “Type:” “Other Image” as pictured in picture B below. And, that’s all there is to it!

REMEMBER: You can access Help specific to the page you are on in flexmls by clicking the “Help” button. Help button


edit logo or photo flexmls















edit logo or photo flexmls 2