A Note from Linda’s Desk: Is Your Listing Live?

We all know when we add a listing to the MLS for residential property built before 1978 that a lead paint form is required.  Did you know, when you make changes (price change, extension, photo, etc.) to a listing built before 1978 you’ll be prompted to add a lead paint form if one doesn’t exist?  (And, if you have a lead paint form on the listing you need to make sure its been named properly.)

We’ve found that listings go into the unapproved category and listing agents aren’t aware they’re no longer being actively marketed through the MLS.  If you make a change, check your active listings and make sure the property still displays.  If it does NOT, you need to go into the CHANGE screen and add or modify your lead paint form.

If you have any questions, please contact staff for assistance.