Wire Fraud Can be Thwarted!

With the rampant wire fraud happening in the real estate business, we just wanted to remind all that you should be telling your seller and buyer clients to NEVER wire money without a voice or face-to-face confirmation with either you or their attorney.  Email instructions should NEVER be followed.  The FBI, working with the Mass Association of REALTORS, put out this helpful tip sheet should you encounter such a fraud.  Give the Board Office staff a call if you have questions about the issues, and we implore you to make your email account as safe as possible so your lapse in security doesn’t accidentally put your client at risk!  And while you’re at it… if you send forms to be viewed or completed electronically, please put very detialed descriptions in the email asking the recipients to view it.  Nothing is more frustrating thna having to call an agent to determine if an email is legit or a scam because the message just said, “Here’s the contract: LINK”.  Add relevant details (what’s in the link, why do I need to open it)  and include your phone number too!  Thanks!