Less than One Minute can Save you $1000’s Later

Using your scanner can cost you big money.  So can the drop down menu from your favorite business tool, your copier and even property searches using a map feature.  REAL $$ may be flying out of your pocket.  Risk reduction is your friend, and in this case is simple enough and takes less than 60 seconds..

All you have to do is  Click Here to fill out a few blank lines and alert our representatives that we support H.R. 9 – The Innovation Act.  Less than 60 seconds to show your support, and perhaps save yourself thousands of dollars down the road.

What’s this all about?  Have you heard of Patent Trolls?  They are a person or company that attempts to enforce patent rights against accused infringers far beyond the patent’s actual value.  Patent trolls often do not manufacture products or supply services based upon the patents in question.  There have been very real law suits brought against brokers and/or their associates and MLSs across the nation.  When patent trolls abuse the system and threaten lawsuits, businesses are forced to dole out mega dollars.

If you’re interested in learning more, please watch this John Oliver video (colorful, but full of good info):

John Oliver video