22 Towns Now Right to Farm

Hinsdale has been added to the list of communities that have adopted right to farm bylaws.  Please be aware that Hinsdale, like Pittsfield, does not require a singed copy of the Right To Farm Notification to be filed.  All other communities have such a requirement.  Please update your listings accordingly!

  1. Adams
  2. Alford
  3. Becket
  4. Cheshire
  5. Egremont
  6. Great Barrington
  7. Hancock
  8. Hinsdale*
  9. Lanesborough
  10. Lee
  11. Monterey
  12. New Marlboro*
  13. North Adams*
  14. Peru
  15. Pittsfield*
  16. Richmond
  17. Sandisfield
  18. Savoy
  19. Sheffield
  20. West Stockbridge
  21. Williamstown
  22. Windsor

*No Signed Disclosure Requirement

This list shows Berkshire County towns.  For a full list of all communities in the state, information from the Mass.gov Department of Agricultural can be found at:

Right to Farm Communities