Summer Membership Report

We realized (thanks to Tom Doyle’s eagle eye) that we haven’t posted a membership report in some time, so here is an update of the movements this summer.  We currently have 516 REALTOR members of our board and 630 MLS Users.  That includes 17 provisional members.  Additionally, we are proud to have 26 affiliate members. We congratulate Suzanne Crerar for being been named the DR of Stone House Properties, and this summer, we’ve had several agents move offices.  Rebecca Oberwager is now affiliated with Jan Perry Realty in Pittsfield, Michelle Purcell is now with Signature associates, Vivi Mannuzza is now affiliated with Berkshire Homes and Condos, Brenda Durant is hanging her license with Bishop West Real Estate, Tina Dobbert is now with Moresi Realty, Marybeth Thornbver is with Realty Street, Max Lenihan moved to William Pitt Sotheby’s Real Estate and Dan Alden is with Barnbrook Realty.

We currently have 17 New Applicants on file awaiting the next orientation that will be held on October 4th.

Diana Alexander 360 Berkshire Realty Group 4/30/2018
Jay Baver Lenox Canyon Realty 6/14/2018
Lisa Crawford Barnbrook Realty 5/2/2018
Shannon Davis Keller Williams 5/7/2018
Brian Farrell Stone House Properties 7/6/2018
Darcy Feder Monarch Realty 8/3/2018
Christina LaPatin All Seasons Realty 8/10/2018
Gary Lazarus Berkshire Property Agents 4/6/2018
Monte Levin Berkshire Property Agents 4/6/2018
Michael Linden Stone House Properties 6/20/2018
Suzette Lyons Burnham Gold Real Estate 6/19/2018
Ted Marcus The Kinderhook Group 4/13/2018
Avis Meenagh Barnbrook Realty 7/25/2018
Shannon Perin Monarch Realty 7/10/2018
Gregory Pettinella Real Broker 7/16/2018
Claire Pollart Lance Vermeulen Real Estate 7/10/2018
Cristian Sanchez Cohen and White Real Estate 8/9/2018
Nicholas Sanginetti Barnbrook Realty 6/19/2018

We have several new MLS Only users (members of other Boards) also gain access to the MLS this summer:

Terry Hart Real Living 7/5/2018
Nicole Sarafino Keller  Williams 6/4/2018
Nicole Mancivalano Steepleview Realty 8/20/2018
Barbara Doull(Davenport) Premier Choice Realty 7/26/2018