Governor Stay Home Order Extends to May 18th

As we are sure you heard, Governor Baker extended the extends the current stay-at-home advisory, mandatory closure of non-essential businesses and prohibitions of short-term rentals until May 18. In addition, the Governor announced the creation of a 17 member advisory board that will work to develop a report by May 18 on reopening the state’s economy. What does this mean to you?  Stay the course.  Continue your non-essential work virtually and remotely when possible.  When you have essential work to be done in the office, property or face-to-face with other brokers, clients or professionals – use your CDC recommended safety precautions.  Thanks to a tip from MAR CEO, Theresa Hatton, you should note that we’ve been following some cities/towns in the Commonwealth who are adopting their own requirements for wearing of face masks in public.

Mike Shepard Weighed in about the closing process:  “The message that I want to get out to your members is that EVERYONE should be using the COVID Rider – it is designed to protect the TRANSACTION, not particularly the seller nor the buyer – it is neutral.  That said, my second observation is a positive one – the Berkshire Real Estate Bar and the local banks are getting the job done.  We are 6-7 weeks in with offices being closed and people working remotely and the VAST MAJORITY of closings are moving forward on time.  The attorneys, the banks, the brokers and the clients are all cooperating.  These are difficult times – clearly stressful, but we are managing and we are protecting our clients.  There have been delays, but not many and those delays are being handled, and the deals have held together.”

It’s surprising how busy the market remains, so working together in a kind and solution-oriented way is more important now more than ever. Be careful and take good care of yourself, and work to protect those around you!

  • Stay no less than 6′ away
  • Limit groups of 10 or more form entering a listed home, office or space
  • Follow your Broker’s PPE protocol (Personal Protective Equipment).  This typically involves the wearing of face covering / masks, have sanitizing wipes to clean any surface touched,
  • Ensure other Brokers and buyer clients know of your seller’s requirements for showings PRIOR to arrival.  You can upload showing requirements to FlexMLS, if you chose.
  • Use addendum: Short-Term Rental Addendum  (in case it gets extended again) and the COVID19 Addendum, just in case there are issues with forloughs, illness or access! (in Ziplogix & Dotloop)
  • Work with each other on solutions to keep everyone in the transaction safe, honor client needs, and care for property to the best of your ability.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns.