Wednesday Webinar Member Meeting – May 6th

We continue to provide updates on a weekly basis via our Wednesday Webinar Member Meeting.  In these meetings, we hear from the National and MA Associations about topics such as unemployment, loan programs, Governor Baker’s mandated orders, form changes, etc.  We also bring to you local association updates, such as the Clear Cooperation Policy, forms, classes and more.  To register for this Wednesday’s meeting, please use this link:

We’re interested in hearing any questions that you may have or suggested topics for discussion on May 6th.  If you’d like to submit suggestions or questions, please do so below:

If you missed the meeting last week, you can view it in its entirety here:

We’d like to make one note of correction to a question about Social Security being claimed as income, and thank Rose Schnopp for providing us a link to the info.  Social Security is not claimed as ‘earned income’.  Rose found this on the DUA website:

Unemployment benefits are not counted as wages under the Social Security annual earnings test, so they won’t affect your Social Security benefits. Some states used to reduce an unemployment benefit if you collected Social Security, but that is no longer the case.  Mar 17, 2020