Talk MLS to your clients

The number is jaw-dropping … This year so far, 336 members of the Berkshire MLS sold over $177 million dollars worth of real estate. That’s an amazing 759 sales so far that you helped make possible.  Congratulations.  The MLS is proud to be your partner is making home-ownership happen. The information we safeguard, the rules we enforce and the community we foster help you do business with confidence. We always aim high and are working for higher standards for a better marketplace.
Your clients don’t really understand the MLS, and its value.  In the online world of real estate and the faceless systems trying to woo your client’s loyalty, let’s start to share the value of what we have all created together in the Berkshire MLS.  Share what you can do as an individual but also share the value you bring as a member of the Berkshire MLS….

…  your buyers always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties and have assurances that agents representing sellers will work with you. The data is good because we check it every day, and clients can use this minute-to-minute data to give them a competitive edge when markets get tight.

your sellers can be assured that their home will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. And they have given a really compelling incentive to sell their home- a promise to work together and wait to get paid until the seller accepts a buyer’s offer and closes on the deal.

Thank you for helping us make the market work – we do it together. And without the MLS, without the agents in the field entering the listing data, without the brokers building credibility, and without the staff checking and verifying that data, our market wouldn’t work –  it is an envy of the world, let’s keep reminding the buyers and sellers that working with an agent affiliated with the MLS has some serious benefits!