MLS Announcements

zipLogix License and Library Renewals

Annually, we are required to renew our subscription to zipLogix.  You may also be prompted to renew your license agreement, as well.  Renewal may occur at different times for each individual, depending on when you first subscribed to the program.  If you receive a prompt that Libraries are due to expire within the next 30-days,
MAR Tech Update

Net Neutrality is Over: What Now?

For years, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) and a broad coalition of technology and real estate industry partners have urged the FCC to uphold the former rules under which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operate and can do business. “Net neutrality” is the previous consensus position, meaning that internet service providers can’t speed up, slow

Flexmls Enhancement: Contact Activity Tracking

On December 19th your Contact Management screen will serve as a convenient central hub for viewing Contact Activity, allowing you to see your most active contacts with a quick glance–no more digging through email notifications to try to determine which clients are viewing the listings you send them. The new Contact Activity tracking keeps all